periyar meadows

Periyar Meadows

Periyar Meadows Leisure Hotel
Thekkady Road, Kumily 685 509, Kerala, India
Tel: +91 4869 224120/22/23
Mob: +91 96337 10001

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A different view of life


All eyes look at. All ears listen to. All hearts adore PERIYAR, in God’s Own Country, Kerala. So, we are delighted to unveil this splendid location to the thrill of an avid traveller and to the delight of an ardent nature lover. Tiger trails, elephant herds, gaur and wild boar flocks meet you closer, in a diversity of angles. What separates you from their feral world is just the line of control man prescribed for them. At Periyar Meadows Leisure Hotel in Thekkady, Kerala, India, tucked away on the fringe of the world renowned Periyar Tiger Reserve, life goes as vibrant as wildlife and grows as mild as Thekkady Lake nearby. Verdant meadows leading to thick woods greet you in our rooms.

Periyar Meadows
Periyar Meadows
periyar meadows


  • Travel Desk
  • Indoor Games
  • Cable TV
  • Credit Card facilitiy
  • Car rental
  • Spacious Parking
  • 24 hours running hot water
periyar meadows


Everyone will pick a favourite and a special one from our menu featuring dishes from everywhere. Continental breakfast to its traditional Kerala counterpart. French toast to prawn cocktail. Masala fried fish to Malabar fish curry. Lemon tea to Herbal tea of Ayurveda. Grilled steak to Chicken Morels. Tandoori chicken to Mutton coconut fry. Regional specialties to Chef‘s own editions. Everything with a different touch on taste tastefully complemented with a serene setting. When taste buds discern difference, eyes would be forced to travel outside via restaurant windows, tracking the scenic beauty. This dining comforts living more with enriching delicacies, stirring surrounds and quick service.

periyar meadows


  • Nature Walk and Green Walk
  • Periyar Tiger Trail
  • Border Hiking
  • Bamboo Rafting
  • Jungle Patrol
  • Clouds Walk
  • Windy Walk
  • Bullock Cart Discoveries
periyar meadows

Sight Seeing

Kurisumala (3 kms)

A trekker’s paradise and the highest peak in Thekkady. Literally means the ’mountain of the cross’, this hill offers a panoramic view of surroundings including a glimpse of Periyar Lake, Kumily town and vast areas of nehbouring Tamil Nadu state.